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Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Finding a good skincare routine can be difficult and takes some time. Many factors affect your skin’s condition and needs - such as age, stress, weather, diet, and the products you use. A good start is to identify your skin type and then test and see what products work best for you and your skin. Here is a simple skincare routine for mature skin.

There are a few products that should be included in every skincare routine – the right cleansing products, proper hydration and some active products that do something extra for the skin. You can always supplement your daily routine with a peeling or face mask based on your skin’s current condition.

Sensitive Skin


Hydrating Eye Makeup Remover is a moisturising lotion that gently removes eye makeup while hydrating the skin. Cleansing Micellar Water is also a fragrance-free cleanser that cleanses and hydrates at the same time.



Treatment Niacinamide Formula is a perfect product for sensitive skin. The fragrance free gel cream with Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) has both a soothing and moisturising effect while also strengthening the skin barrier.


Boosters and Serum

After cleansing, boost your skin with a serum or an oil. Our fragrance free Calming Serum contains soothing Allantoin and Bisabolol, which counteract irritation and redness.



Sensitive skin needs peace and calm, so our Sensitive series is perfect. Sensitive Day Cream is slightly lighter in consistency than Sensitive Night Cream, but both contain calming natural oils from oat, nasturtium, and cotton seeds.


Eye Cream

For sensitive eyes, it can be soothing to use a cooling eye gel like Moisturising Eye Gel. For an extra cooling effect, store the eye cream in the refrigerator.