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Normal Skin

Normal Skin

Finding a good skincare routine can be difficult and takes some time. Many factors affect your skin’s condition and needs - such as age, stress, weather, diet, and the products you use. A good start is to identify your skin type and then test and see what products work best for you and your skin. Here is a simple skincare routine for normal skin.

There are a few products that should be included in every skincare routine– the right cleansing products, proper hydration and some active products that do something extra for the skin. You can always supplement your daily routine with a peeling or face mask based on your skin’s current condition.

Normal Skin


Cleansing is crucial for healthy skin. End your evening routine with a double cleanse where you start with an oil cleanser like Melting Cleansing Balm to remove makeup and then finish off with the Foaming Glow Cleanser with BHA and PHA acids for a fresh glow. In the morning, Cleansing Facial Wash is a good alternative.



A normal skin type requires, like most skin types, help to remove dead skin cells or deal with stubborn blackheads. Treatment Enzyme Peel and Treatment 2% BHA Toner are perfect products that keep the skin balanced.


Boosters and Serum

Boost your skin with Ageless Serum - a serum that moisturises and strengthens your skin with retinol. Combine with a protective antioxidant like Vitamin C10 Booster.



Invest in a day and night cream that work well together and keep the skin balanced. Ageless Day Cream with protective SPF 15 is perfect during the day and Ageless Night Cream with Retinol at night. Treat your skin by occasionally replacing your night cream with our Repairing Overnight Cream.


Eye Cream

Both Ageless Eye Cream and Moisturising Eye Gel are suitable for normal skin, so let the consistency or desired effect determine which one you choose.