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Our Products


We love developing our products and are involved in each step of the development process. From the idea stage where we choose ingredients, textures, packaging and scent all the way to the last approval of the final formulation.

We have high demands and expect our products to be effective and give visible results. We conduct independent studies on many of our products to ensure that they deliver according to promise.

All our products have formulations that are unique to Emma S. We always look for ingredients that our customers will feel comfortable using and we ensure to use recommended dose of each ingredient for effect as well as safety.

Our packaging is carefully selected to ensure that our products stay fresh and that the packaging is easy to use and well suited for travel. This span using a dark bottle to protect active ingredients to using an airless pump to ensure that the cream is not exposed to oxygen or “dirty fingers”. We avoid jars and use only hygienic pumps, tubes and bottles.

To us skincare and our products are so much more than “just a cream”, it is a complete experience.


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