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Our Sustainability Approach


Our passion for effective and safe skincare stretches beyond skincare itself, we aspire to leave a conscious footprint every step of the way. Our ingredients are carefully selected to be safe for you and the environment. We only work with certified suppliers and manufacture all of our products in Sweden. And we strive to continuously improve logistics and packaging. As positive sustainable development takes place at all levels in society, we will continue to upgrade our ambitions and strategy.

How we work

To us sustainability and having a conscious mindset include selection of ingredients, choice of manufacturing partners, thinking about effective use of resources every step of the way as well as getting involved in areas that have special importance to us.

  • Ingredients. We are passionate about the ingredients we use and work closely with our development and manufacturing partners to ensure maximum effect and safety with minimal environmental impact and we work to always stay ahead of regulations, please read more here.

  • Packaging. We strive to make all our plastics and cartons recyclable and explore new packaging materials to further reduce environmental impact.

  • Conscious manufacturing partners. Our Swedish manufacturing partners allow us to manufacture locally for our largely Nordic customer base reducing the need for transportation and our CO2 footprint. We have also chosen manufacturing partners that focus on energy effectiveness by using renewable energy and using energy efficient processes.

  • Resource effectiveness. We apply a resource effectiveness mindset in how we operate our company including always looking for ways to optimize transportation to our retail partners, tight packaging of parcels in our own webshop to reduce shipping of air and reducing travel needs using online tools whenever possible.

  • Getting involved. We also believe in engaging in causes important to us. For several years we have supported the fight against breast cancer through the support of both the Swedish Cancer Society and the Breast Cancer Society. Emma has supported the Breast Cancer Society as an ambassador for several years.


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