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Mature Skin

Mature Skin

Finding a good skincare routine can be difficult and takes some time. Many factors affect your skin’s condition and needs - such as age, stress, weather, diet, and the products you use. A good start is to identify your skin type and then test and see what products work best for you and your skin. Here is a simple skincare routine for mature skin.

There are a few products that should be included in every skincare routine – the right cleansing products, proper hydration and some active products that do something extra for the skin. You can always supplement your daily routine with a peeling or face mask based on your skin’s current condition.

Mature Skin


If the skin feels very dry and sensitive, Cleansing Micellar Water is a good option in the morning. The micellar water gently cleanses the skin without drying it out and avoids the use of water. In the evening, the oils in Melting Cleansing Balm are perfect for dissolving dirt and makeup. Finish with Jasmin Facial Toner, a pH-balancing and moisturising facial water.



Mature skin often lacks radiance and can feel dry on the surface. Treatment Enzyme Peel with AHA and BHA acids is a perfect product to bring out a beautiful glow in just one minute. Repairing Overnight Mask is also a fantastic product for mature skin as it works to accelerate skin cell renewal overnight. A perfect combination!


Boosters & Serum

Include the Vitamin C10 Booster in your morning routine - a powerful antioxidant that counteracts pigmentation and age spots. Follow up with Ultimate Serum, specifically developed for mature or menopausal skin.

Retinol Facial Oil with 0.3% Retinoate is perfect as a first step in your evening routine. Retinol works to accelerate cell renewal in the skin, making it stronger and fuller. Follow up with Ultimate Serum, which contains several active ingredients that moisturise and strengthen the skin while also countering pigmentation spots.



Choose a rich and deeply moisturising day and night cream. Ultimate Day Cream with protective SPF 15 contains several different moisturising ingredients as well as extracts from the Ayurvedic herb Getania, which counteracts vertical lines. Ultimate Night Cream with an effective concentration of Vitamin A is perfect for nighttime.


Eye Cream

Since the skin around the eyes is thin and extra sensitive, wrinkles and fine lines usually appear there. Ultimate Eye Cream is a moisturising and moisture-binding anti-aging eye cream specifically developed for mature skin. The eye cream contains three different active molecules that reduce the visibility of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.