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Sep 03, 2023

The Facial Tools We Love!

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Who doesn't love treating themselves and their skin to a pampering session? It is a relaxing experience to bring out all your favourite products and retreat to the bathroom for a while. You can exfoliate, apply a mask, and indulge in some luxurious serum or oil. And nowadays, you can enhance this moment even further with the help of some fantastic facial tools that are both delightful and effective. Here are some of our favourites that truly make a difference for your skin.

Gua Sha Stones and Rollers

Gua sha stones and rollers are said to have various effects on the skin. Not only are these tools beautiful, but the massage itself immediately gives the skin a radiant glow and helps reduce excess fluids. The stones are also believed to reduce facial muscle tension and improve blood circulation.

The best practice is to use your stone or roller on a cleansed face that has been moistened with a facial mist and then followed by applying facial oil. The moisture and oil will make the skin soft and supple, making the massage easier to perform.

So, how do you do it? Start by placing the roller or stone flat against the skin and then gently glide it at a 45-degree angle in upward motions. If you are unsure about the technique, you can find plenty of helpful videos online showing you how to do it. Remember not to apply too much pressure with your roller or stone against the skin but rather use a gentle touch and repeat several times. Be extra cautious around the eye area.

Facial Cupping

A delightful addition to the bathroom shelf is the facial cupping tool. It is essentially a small suction cup that works just like body cupping. Facial cupping is an ancient ritual and a wonderful facial treatment that is easy to do at home and delivers fantastic results.

So, what is a facial cup?

It’s like a small rubber cup that creates a vacuum when used on the skin. It slightly lifts the skin and when glided over the face, it increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow, resulting in reduced swelling and a fresh glow. It is an amazing product that makes a noticeable difference after just one use.

The most effective way to use a facial cup is by applying oil to the skin beforehand. Then, start from the nose and move the cup with maintained suction outward and upward towards the temples in a gentle motion. Around the eyes, you should be more cautious and perhaps switch to a slightly smaller cup. Glide over cheeks, chin, jawline, and forehead, and finish by placing the cup below the ear, near the jawline, and gently move it downward toward the collarbone. This last step helps to drain swelling and fluids from the face into the lymphatic system.

The Cooling Eye Mask – A Must in the Fridge

Some mornings, you may wake up with more puffiness around your eyes than on other days. It could be due to a late night out, lack of sleep, or perhaps it was that movie that made you cry the night before. A popular solution that always delivers quick results for reducing puffiness is a cooling eye mask. It is preferable to get one with small beads or balls inside as it becomes more flexible. Use it for about 10 minutes to achieve a soothing de-puffing effect.