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May 23, 2023

Tweak your routine for summer

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Summer skin to most people means clear, glowy, slightly tanned, and healthy skin. Oh well… Not for all of us. Unfortunately, hot weather, long days in the sun, and increased humidity, don’t really make the skin happy. The pores tend to get clogged, pigmentation and dark spots get more visible and we all know what a sunburn does to the skin. During the summer it’s therefore good to take a few tweaks in your summer skincare routine to help minimize the seasonal side effects that summer, unfortunately, has on the skin. Here are some tips and products that are perfect for your summer routine.

1. Cleanse your skin every day

Cleansing is just as important during the summer to keep your skin fresh and clear. Choose a cleanser with BHA- and PHA acids that will unclog your pores and also reduce pimple-producing bacteria. Foaming Glow Cleanser really does the job! If you struggle with more sensitive skin, a fragrance-free Cleansing Micellar Water will cleanse and hydrate without the use of water.

2. Switch to a much lighter moisturiser during summer

Put away the rich creams and use a light Hyaluronic Acid based cream. That will keep your skin hydrated without that sticky and heavy feeling on the skin. Moisturising Day Cream SPF 15 or Moisturising Cream Gel are our summer day cream heroes.

3. Use a higher SPF when spending time in the sun

Maybe you have a day cream with SPF 15, but your skin needs higher protection on those days you want to hang on the beach. Choose an SPF 50 for your face to prevent skin damage and pigmentation. And remember to protect not only your face but also your neck, decolletage, and hands that are exposed to the sun.

4. Give your face a beautiful after-beach glow

Get that beautiful after-beach glow with our Botanical Glow Oil. Apply a few drops in your hands, rub them together, and gently press the oil over your face. A summer glow in a bottle!