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Aug 25, 2021

Emmas Must-Haves For Autumn


I love autumn. For me, August feels more like a fresh start than the first of January. Sure, summer and holidays are nice, but I actually feel my best when I get back to my normal routines. I like setting my alarm clock and getting up early in the morning, scheduling my workouts at the gym again and getting back to city life. Even my skin feels much better during the autumn and winter months for some strange reason, if it has to do with routines I can’t be sure, but it does get better.

Before work or school starts it can be nice to deeply cleanse your summer skin to get a healthy and fresh start. Get rid of dead skin cells, old tan and really boost your skin with lots of moisture and nourishment. Introducing some new products into your skincare routine such as active retinol at nighttime is a great way to strengthen the skin in preparation for winter. Maybe even booking a facial with a professional to get a little extra help. Here are a few important skincare tips and products that I think are perfect to introduce into your new fall routine.

"Believe me, you will see the difference after a couple of weeks with the help of these products." - Emma

  • Remove dead skin cells with Treatment Enzyme Peel. 1 minute once a week to get that nice soft texture to the skin. All products sink better into the skin if you first gently remove the dead skin cells.

  • Apply a deep cleansing and moisturizing clay mask for 5-10 minutes twice a week. Purifying Mud Mask “vacuums” dirt and impurities from the skin and also gives a nice glow with the help of lightly luminous pigments.

  • Introduce Treatment Niacinamide Formula every day. I have it as a first step in my morning skincare routine. It gives my skin better elasticity and works to reduce the visibility of enlarged pores. After the niacinamide, I apply my serum, eye cream and day cream.

  • Heat a few drops of Botanical Glow Oil and pat over face and neck. Magically gives a nice glow and moisture to the skin. You can use the oil by itself or over your day cream and makeup.

  • In the evening I use my new Retinol Facial Oil as a first step on the skin after cleansing. Maybe every other night at first. It contains Retinoate which is a form of retinol that is also suitable for sensitive skin. Retinol is a fantastic ingredient that accelerates cell renewal and strengthens the skin. I also apply a night cream over the retinol oil, but you can also use the oil by itself if the skin feels soft and moisturized already.

  • A repairing night mask is also nice to use from time to time. Repairing Overnight Mask contains algae extract that strengthens the skin and other ingredients that provide lots of moisture.