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Jan 18, 2023

Sensitive And Dry Skin? Here Are Our Best Tips!


Do you have itchy cheeks? Often get red? Does your skin feel as if it shrunk? Then you might just have sensitive skin. It can feel like walking in a minefield where every wrong step, in this case, ingredient, or even hot water can lead to a reaction. You are not alone! More and more people seem to have sensitive skin nowadays. But did you know that it is not a skin type, and actually a skin condition? But do not worry, this is good news! This means it is possible to help treat and restore the skin's balance.

Why do you develop sensitive skin?

The reason why you get sensitive skin varies from strong cleansing products to over usage of acids or stress. The common factor is that the skin for some reason says stop. It cannot do its job any longer. The skin barrier has weakened which causes the skin to react more toward cold and heat. It also means that unwanted substances can now enter the skin more easily and important moisture disappears faster.

Calming Serum

What can you do to restore the skin?

Carefully choose your skincare products. Try looking for calming and moisturising ingredients for every step in your skincare routine. A nice mild product without perfume like our milky Eye Makeup Remover which is so mild that you can use it for the entire face. A face cream for sensitive skin would be our Sensitive Day Cream which contains natural oils from Meadow Foam Seed and Cotton Seed. It is also smart to invest in products that strengthen the skin barrier and blood vessels. The new Calming Serum with Niacinamide and Allantoin does just that. This soothing product has a proven effect when it comes to redness and irritation while at the same time improving the skin’s moisture. A couple of drops under your face cream, morning and night and you will definitely see results!

Here are a couple more tips for sensitive skin:

  • Reduce the water temperature when washing your face and taking a shower.

  • Always protect your skin from the sun, wear sunscreen made for sensitive skin.

  • Take it easy on the peeling. Avoid strong acids and peelings with beads. Mild enzyme peels may work, but start off by trying it out on a smaller area on the skin first.

  • Set aside perfumed products, even those with natural ingredients. They may contain essential oils that can trigger stressed skin. Our whole sensitive series is fragrance-free.

  • Give yourself time to work out. It reduces stress hormones in your body which in turn will help work against inflammations.

  • Pay attention if there are any food products that your skin reacts towards. Try consuming foods with plenty of antioxidants. It helps the skin fight inflammations from the inside.

Emmas tips!

“When my skin isn’t feeling too good, I take a step back and exclude the most active products from my routine in order to let my skin breath and calm down.”

Important! If your skin is sensitive and you regularly get pimples along with redness, it may be rosacea. There are many great products that work well against it, but you should always contact a dermatologist for a correct diagnosis.