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Nov 09, 2021

Get Rid Of Wrinkles And Fine Lines - Is It Possible?


It usually starts off with some fine lines around the eyes, but over the years all of us develop more and deeper wrinkles. Some people are perfectly fine with it while others wish to go back in time (or at least that your skin would). If you belong to the second group, we have some good news because there are actually several things you can do to help reduce both lines and wrinkles.

Why do you get wrinkles and fine lines?

Some lines appear because you use the muscles in your face, for example, frown lines in between the eyebrows. This is a so-called “mimic wrinkle”. Others are caused by sunbathing, lifestyle and just plain ageing (which is totally normal by the way!). The older we get the more our cell renewal starts to slow down, the elasticity deteriorates and our skin starts to thin out. There is simply not as much underneath your skin that plumps and keeps it looking smooth. 

You can’t of course stop ageing, and lines and wrinkles are something that naturally comes with. There are, however, a few things you can do to slow down the ageing process in your skin and minimize the visibility of those already there. Make sure to always use sunscreen (yes, also when you are not going to the beach), keep your skin hydrated and include Retinol in your skincare routine.

Rejuvenate your skin with this golden ingredient. 

Retinol is known as “the gold standard” when it comes to skincare. It is the most researched and proven effective ingredient against fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentations and even acne. There are many different types of retinoids, both on prescription and other variants used in cosmetic skincare products. What they all have in common is that they kick-start the cell renewal process, boost collagen production, reduce wrinkles, make the skin thicker and give it more elasticity.

So, what sets them apart? Mostly how fast they work but also how irritable they can be on your skin. All forms of retinoids transform into retin acid inside your skin, but this is done in different ways depending on the form of retinol. For example, a prescribed version called “isotretinoin” is transformed very fast and therefore works quickly, but it will also most likely give your skin a reaction. Other forms of retinoids transform in different steps and will give you a milder product.

Our Retinol Facial Oil includes a modern form of retinol called Retionate, that is both effective but also gentle. The Ageless Serum contains the mildest form of retinoid, known as Retinyl palmitate. With Retinyl palmitate, however, it takes a little bit longer to see the effect. The latter option is perfect for retinol beginners.  

Other things that help you fight ageing of the skin.

Massage your face to boost circulation, for example when you cleanse the skin or apply a face oil. Also, do not forget to exfoliate a little now and then. The Treatment Enzyme Peel is perfect because it dissolves dead skin cells in only one minute, provides better cell renewal and gives a nice glow.

Tip from Emma

"I use Retinol Facial Oil at night and pat it in around my eyes so that it works against my crow’s feet and fine lines. If I’m going on a beach vacation I will however leave my retinol products at home, since they work better when the skin is not exposed to the sun all day."

A note

Is your skin not used to retinol? Take it slow in the beginning to get used to the product, and start by using it a couple of times a week before you include it in your daily skincare routine. Also, keep in mind to protect your skin with spf and be extra cautious in the sun if you are using retinol.