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Aug 22, 2022

Deep Dive Into Kaolin Clay And Bamboo Clay


Mud masks are not a new thing. Mud has been used since the beginning of time and today it is a classic ingredient in many skincare products. But what kind of mud does Emma S. use in the Purifying Mud Mask? And what is Bamboo Charcoal and how does it work? Tag along as we dive into Kaolin clay and Bamboo Charcoal.

Kaolin clay

What is kaolin clay?

Kaolin clay is a cosmetic type of mud rich in minerals often found in skincare because of its deep cleansing characteristics and ability to absorb dirt without being too dry. The mud is usually white, light pink, or green and it gets its beautiful colour due to the minerals.

Which skin type is it suitable for?

Kaolin clay works for most skin types since it is a gentle ingredient, even on dry and sensitive skin which is different from many other cosmetic mud masks.

Why does kaolin clay work in skincare?

This type of mud is rich in minerals and has a great ability to cleanse the skin by absorbing dirt and excess sebum. The mud drags dirt out from pores and gives an effective cleanse to the skin. Cleaner pores give the illusion of smaller and more discreet pores.

Kaolin clay also has a proven effect of restoring the sebum balance, and its elasticity and firmness.


Bamboo charcoal

What is activated Bamboo Charcoal?

Bamboo Charcoal is extracted from the branches, shoots, and roots of the bamboo tree. You then burn it at high temperatures to activate the charcoal.

Why does Bamboo Charcoal work in skincare?

Activated Bamboo Charcoal is a great water repellent, which means the charcoal catches tiny micro-contaminants and impurities, without absorbing moisture. Bamboo Charcoal is often used in different types of cleansers and detox treatments for the skin since it has such a great ability to really cleanse the skin without drying the skin out.

Which skin type is it fit for?

Bamboo Charcoal works for most skin types but is also used in treatments against acne since the ingredient is known for its antibacterial characteristics.

Other important ingredients in the Emma S. Purifying Mud Mask:

  • Mineral Complex – contains Zink and Magnesium which gives the skin energy, nutrition and stimulates the skin's hydration.

  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) – is a multifunctional ingredient that works on improving elasticity, skin tone and strengthens the skin barrier.

  • Allantoin and Oat Lipids – have a soothing effect due to their ability to restore the skin barrier and speed up the cell renewal process. It also has anti-irritating characteristics.

  • Antioxidants – extract from Juniper, Flaxseed, and Milk Thistle that repair, even out, and provide a firmer skin.

All Emma S. products are free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, Nanoparticles, and Cylistic Silicon. Our Purifying Mud Mask is also completely vegan.