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Mar 14, 2023

How to Take Care of Mature Skin

Ultimate Serum Ellen

Has your skin become fragile with more spots and less firmness? Your face naturally changes as you age, and your skin becomes thinner and loses its radiance. With a good skincare routine and smartly formulated products, you can keep your skin fresh, glowing, and beautiful.

At what age do you get mature skin?

Skin ages at different rates, so it varies when you can determine that your skin is mature. Generally, however, mature skin is something you have when you are around 50 years old.

What characterizes mature skin?

In mature skin, lines and wrinkles become more visible and more profound, pigmentation spots increase and become darker, the shape of the face changes with vaguer contours, it becomes more difficult to retain moisture, and the natural radiance is absent. You may also notice that pores suddenly appear larger.

How does menopause affect the skin?

Hormones have a significant impact on the skin, and during menopause, the production of estrogen decreases significantly. This has a significant effect on the skin in all its layers. Many people experience sudden dryness due to a lower level of both sebum and hyaluronic acid. As the natural production of elastin and collagen drops drastically, the skin also becomes thinner while elasticity and firmness decrease.

Which ingredients are suitable for mature skin?

You need to boost the skin's natural processes while strengthening the barrier. A routine with products that have more active ingredients is essential. Look for Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Squalene, and Vitamin A, such as Retinol, and do not forget SPF!

Do I need to adapt my mature skin to active ingredients?

Products with retinol can initially make the skin dry, especially if you have never used it before. Start with a few evenings a week to adjust the skin, then gradually increase. Combined with a good moisturiser, retinol is effective for fighting off wrinkles, fine lines, and firmness, but also for preventing mature skin from becoming thin.

How can I best take care of my mature skin?

Start with a gentle cleanser that respects the skin barrier, such as Cleansing Oil for instance. You also need a moisturiser that provides both hydration and nourishment. Ultimate Day Cream SPF 15 is a good option as it contains ingredients that repair and hydrate while providing an immediate smoothing effect and protection against sunlight. If you are going to be outside, you should however also use sunscreen. Hydrating Sun Protection SPF 50 is a smart choice as it also adds extra moisture and softeners.

Step up the routine

Mature skin needs extra love. You will see a big difference if you add a serum, an eye cream, and a specific night cream with active ingredients. Check out our Ultimate series, where you will find perfect products for mature skin:

*In Ultimate Eye Cream, you get, among other things, hydrating and smoothing Hyaluronic Acid, Eyeliss, which strengthens the thin blood vessels and thus counteracts dark circles, and light-reflecting pigments that make the skin appear smoother and fresher immediately.

*Ultimate Serum works with an Ayurvedic herb that builds up the skin, Hyaluronic Acid that binds moisture, Pore Away that makes pores less visible, and Vitamin A derivatives that stimulate collagen production, repair sun damage, and make the skin firmer.

*With Ultimate Night Cream, you get a higher dose of Vitamin A derivatives together with a special peptide to really boost the skin while you sleep and work for a more even skin tone.

*Does your skin feel extra dry? It's so nice to sleep with a hydrating and soothing overnight mask like Repairing Overnight Mask. You can use it several times a week.