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Jun 06, 2023

How to get that summer glow!

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Are you a glow-getter this summer? Make your skin ready for summer's festive season by adding a few steps to your skincare routine. With the right exfoliator, a great moisturiser, some oil, and a couple of tricks along the way, you are good to go!

Start by giving your skin a smooth and clean surface with a good exfoliator. The AHA- and BHA acids in our Treatment Enzyme Peel get rid of tired and dull skin in one minute by dissolving dead skin cells. You will see the result on your skin right away.

Boost your skin every morning with our Vitamin C10 Booster. Massage a small amount of serum onto your face as a first step, preferably under your eyes as well. Vitamin C gives your skin a more even skin tone and a great dose of energy.

Give your skin plenty of moisture by using a serum and a moisturising face cream. If you’ve never used a serum before, we recommend trying our Moisturising Serum, which fits all ages and skin types. The Moisturising Serum contains medium- and low-molecular hyaluronic acids. When you add your face cream, make sure your face gets properly and evenly moisturised. If your skin is very dry, you might need to apply more cream than usual.

Lock in your hydration with a couple of drops of Botanical Glow Oil. The skin barrier needs both moisture and oil to look and feel healthy. Prickly Pear Oil, Avocado Oil, and Carrot Oil protect your skin with antioxidants, hydrate, and give an amazing glow.

As a last step, you can always cheat a little by adding a luminous highlighter or by using a glowing body oil.