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Mar 21, 2022

We Answer Your Questions About Our Serums And Boosters


We get a lot of questions from our customers on how to use our serums and boosters, so we thought it would be a good idea to go through some of the most popular ones. 

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It might feel a little bit overwhelming when trying to figure out how to use and combine all the skincare products in your bathroom cabinet. Even more so with products that are not just your regular day and night creams. All our serums are included in one of our skincare series Moisturising, Ageless and Ultimate. Finding the right serum depends on your age and skin type. Our boosters are flexible and easy to combine with your chosen skincare series. We get a lot of questions from our customers on how to use our serums and boosters, so we thought it would be a good idea to go through some of the most popular ones. 

“Should I use both serums and boosters? “

 It depends on which booster you are planning on using. The Vitamin C10 Booster can be used with all our serums and should then be used as a first step before your other serums. If you are a user of our Calming Serum Booster, you might have red, sensitive, and irritated skin in which case we recommend you skip your serum and go straight to your day- or night cream. Our Retinol Facial Oil is the perfect first step in your evening routine, despite it being an oil. Use your regular serum on the evenings you don’t apply retinol. Regardless of whether you use the retinol oil or a serum, (ageless, ultimate, or moisturising) always make sure to end your routine with a night cream. Remember, there are seven days in the week. Not every morning and evening needs to be the same when it comes to your skincare routine. 

“Which serum works best in summer?”

 If you know you are about to spend time out in sun, I recommend you use our Ageless- and Ultimate serums in the evening since they both contain retinol, same thing goes for the Retinol Facial Oil booster. A good option out in the sun would be to combine our moisturising serum and our Vitamin C10 Booster. However, the most important thing if you are going to be exposed to a lot of sun light is to use sunscreen with high Spf. Our Hydrating Sun Protection series offers Spf30 and Spf50. 

“Advice on how to include the Botanical Glow Oil in your skincare routine?”

The Botanical Glow Oil can used multiple ways, but the most common way is to use it as a last step in your routine after the Vitamin C10 Booster, serum, and day cream to achieve an amazing glow. It can also be used on its own, but preferably with sunscreen if you’re planning on being outside. Another option is to pat a small amount of it on to your skin over your makeup for some luminous shine. You can reapply throughout the day if your skin needs a pick-me-up. It makes you feel even more beautiful!

“What serums and boosters make the best combination for different age groups?”

 Instead of different age groups, it’s better to look at different skin types. 

 Oily and impure skin: Our Vitamin C10 Booster and Moisturising Serum.

Normal skin: Our Vitamin C10 Booster during the day and Retinol Facial Oil in the evening. You are free to combine these boosters with our other serums.

Sensitive skin: Calming Serum both morning and evening. Preferably combined with our sensitive series. 

Dry and matte skin: The Vitamin C10 Booster and Botanical Glow Oil in your morning routine and the Retinol Facial Oil in the evening.

Mature skin: The Vitamin C10 in the morning and Retinol Oil in the evening and a few drops of our Botanical Glow Oil to top it all off. 

"I have very red skin. What product should I use?"

If you have very red skin, we recommend you try our Calming Serum, it works wonders for redness. Combine it with our blue sensitive series.

“Do you have a serum that doesn't contain any oil?”

 Yes, we do actually! Our Moisturising Serum is completely free from oil and so are also our Vitamin C10 Booster and Calming Serum. Worth mentioning is that our Ageless and Ultimate serums contain a very small amount of oil. 

"I am 53 years old with nice skin, but pretty sun damaged. Which oil should I use?”

 I would recommend you use the Vitamin C10 in the morning and the Retinol Facial Oil in the evening if you struggle with sun damaged skin. The Vitamin C10 Booster helps minimize pigmentations caused by sun damage while the Retinol Oil strengthens the skin. We also recommend our Treatment Niacinamide Formula which helps fight pigmentation. However, most importantly, use our Hydrating Sun Protection SPF 50 if you will be out in the sun to prevent further damage. 

"Can I use two serums? I use the Calming Serum, but I also have the Vitamin C10 that I like to use" 

 Yes, you can use both serums together. I would use the Vitamin C10 Booster in the morning and Calming Serum in the evening.