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Mar 22, 2021

How To Achieve Brighter Eyes


There’s a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so obviously we want beautiful, shimmering eyes full of life. You can come a long way with a good eye cream, but remember that a good night’s sleep, amazing food, and laughter with friends are equally as important. The skin alongside the eyes is very sensitive and should be dealt with accordingly. Here are a few key pointers:

Puffy eyes

Who hasn’t woken up with puffy eyes? Bags underneath your eyes can result from many things. It can be genetic, lack of sleep, food, medication, or a little bit too much partying in one night that may be the reason. So, what should you do? I always have a cooling mask in the fridge, ready to be used. Within ten minutes, the swelling may go down a bit. Available for purchase a little bit here and there. 

Don’t underestimate eye cream 

Find an eye cream that fits your skin type and age, I usually go for an anti-age eye cream that prevents fine lines and swelling. Gently pat the eye cream around your eyes but avoid putting too much on your eyelid.

Store your eye gel in the fridge

I always store my Moisturising Eye Gel in the fridge for an extra cooling and anti-puffing effect in the morning! It’s a nice and fresh start to the day. 

Add some colour to your brows and lashes

You might not want to use mascara or spend time on your eyebrows every day, an easy trick to look more awake is to add some colour to your brows and lashes. I prefer to colour them at a salon but it’s actually quite easy to do it at home as well. Choose a colour that fits your skin tone and hair colour, just be careful so you don’t accidentally go too dark. 

Bighter eyes concealer Emma

Draw a “tightliner” – my personal favourite 

A makeup technique called the tightliner makes your eyes look bigger. Choose an eye pencil, preferably dark brown for a more natural look. Then, on your upper lash line, apply colour with an eyeliner pencil and not the pencil itself for a softer result. Step two is to smudge it out, the defined lash roots make the eyes pop. You are basically closing the gap between the lashes. A great eye pencil I can’t live without is a brown water resistant one from Chanel. It stays in place whether it rains or shines and survives even the greatest tearjerker movie. 

Curl your lashes

Invest in a good eyelash curler to give your lashes a nice lift. My favourite one is from the Japanese brand Shue Uemura. Even on days I don’t use mascara, I’ll still make sure to curl my lashes to open my eyes up a bit more. 

Invest in a good concealer

I have unfortunately always had dark circles under my eyes which is why I never leave the house without my concealer. Dark circles under the eyes may be a result from lack of sleep, but it can also be genetic. In order to take care of the skin under my eyes I always use our Ultimate Eye Cream that contains a light reflecting pigmentation which in turn gives me a livelier look. I then add my favourite concealer Le correcteur de Chanel that gives enough coverage without being too thick. Remember to build coverage with multiple thin layers instead of one thick layer since it may result in the concealer looking cakey. If possible, always apply your makeup in daylight for best results.