About Emma S.

The personal Scandinavian cosmeceutical brand.

The brand
Emma S. is a Swedish skincare brand that combines the best from nature and science to create safe and effective products with proven results. The philosophy is built on a personal story and behind the brand are the two founders and entrepreneurs Emma S. Wiklund and Nora Larssen.

The brand was launched in Sweden in 2010 and is now one of the leading and fastest growing skincare brands in Sweden. Emma S. is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and through emmas.com (Europe wide).

The story
Emma Wiklund (maiden name Sjöberg) has a background as an international top model with a modelling career spanning over 20 year (read more). She belonged to the era of the 90’s supermodels. Emma S. is based on her personal experiences and the type of skincare products that she herself has always used.

“In the 90’s Photoshop wasn’t an option, and therefore your skin had to look perfect. Working as a model, my skin quickly became one of my most important tools for work.” says Emma.

During periods Emma did experience some problems with her skin, and she got in contact with a French dermatologist that helped her to sort through the jungle of available skincare products. She recommended products you could find at the French pharmacies, products with safe and effective ingredients with well-documented results – and it worked.

“When we started Emma S., we wanted to develop a pharmacy-like skincare series based on the type of skincare I have always used myself. Products that really work and give you visible results”, says Emma. 


The products
All products are developed and produced in close collaboration with some of Sweden’s best laboratories and most experienced manufacturers. Every formulation is unique and the development process often lasts several years. All Emma S. products are based on safe and well-documented ingredients and all formulas are clinically tested. Emma S. also selects certain products to undergo independent studies at the internationally renowned testing institute Pro-Derm.

“I am convinced that the look and feel of my skin depend on a lot of other things than just what type of skincare products I use. Happiness, good food, friends, a good workout and having fun are all important ingredients that I unfortunately cannot sell on a tube, but that are just as important for good skin and radiant looks.”,says Emma.

The packages
The packaging is chosen to be stylish, hygienic and travel friendly, and all products are free from parabens, mineral oils, micro plastics and cyclic silicones.

The founders
Emma has a background as an international fashion model, TV host and actress. During her modelling years, she always ran her own company. “My first product was myself. As a model, you are always doing your own marketing.”

Nora has an extensive business background from the management consultant firm McKinsey as well as from a variety of investment- and board work. Their different backgrounds and complementing knowledge have been key factors for the company’s success.


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