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On this page I share some of my best beauty tips that I have gathered over the years.

emma-stressMy skin’s worst enemies

1. Stress. Stress in small doses do not affect my skin but long-term stress has a negative effect. When I’m stressed, I sleep badly, eat less well and take shorter breaths. This affects my whole body negatively and thus also my skin. The solution for me is to try to say no to more things, clear my calendar of things that are not must do’s and prioritize sleep and exercise.

2. Lack of sleep. Lack of sleep is often the result of a stressful life. It shows directly if I have slept too little. My skin becomes grey, dull and thin in an unpleasant way. My advice is to try to respect the sleeping hours your body needs. Do not sit up and work late but rather do something that will calm you down before you go to bed. And if you know that you will be sleeping less during a period, make sure that you really make up for it afterwards by sleeping more in order not to end up in a vicious cycle.citat-2007-2008-2-ENG


3. Wrong food.. and drink. Did you stay up late last night? Did you eat a bit too much fatty food and fast carbs? Wine and delicious cocktails? My skin reveals directly what I did the night before. My advice is to start over again the next day by drinking lots of water, take a walk and go to bed early.




4. Cold weather. Swedish winters can be cold and harsh and not particularly good for the skin. One tip is to change your skincare products with products with more moisture and extra oils during the winter and to use a little extra cream. If it gets really bad you may also invest in a humidifier for the bedroom.

5. Hormones. Without failure a monster pimple pops up in a visible place every month. And no, it does not necessarily get better as you get older. My best advice is to be prepared! As soon as I suspect that a pimple is on it’s way, I try to fend it off with products that contain Salicylic acid and pat some mineral powder over the area to avoid having to see the misery and to dry it out. And squeezing is absolutely forbidden…

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My cleansing routines

Cleansing is the key to keep my skin fresh. I have combination skin, and it immediately shows on my skin if I have been careless with my cleansing. This is what my daily routine looks like:

Steg-11. Wash. I always cleanse my face in the morning. Either with a foaming facial soap or by wiping it clean with a facial toner. This removes whatever is left of the night cream and refreshes my skin.

2. Remove. In the evening, I start by removing all makeup using one or two makeup removers (depending on what mascara I’ve used). I like using cotton pads to make sure I remove everything. After all makeup is gone, I finish with a toner or a foaming soap.

Steg-33. Peel. At least once a week I do an enzyme exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, prevent blemishes and give the skin extra glow.

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Update your skincare routine for the winter season

I love the fall-winter season with its crisp, cold air and beautiful colours. Unfortunately, my skin does not love it quite as much. If you are living in a cold climate, it could be a good idea to change your skincare routine according to the season. My skin usually needs more moisture and oil to stay soft and supple. Here are my best tips.


Change your cleansing routine
If my skin feels tight and dry during the winter, I use my 3 in 1 cleansing oil to remove both impurities and makeup. It contains softening Meadow foam seed oil and Shea light oil that cleanse the skin without making the it dry.


Use more cream
During the winter we are usually good at regularly using hand cream throughout the day to keep our hands soft. You simply have to do the same with your moisturiser and eye cream, and use more cream than usual to to help your skin stay soft all day. If your skin is really dry you should look for products with a higher percentage of oil, like our sensitive series.

Serum actually works
A serum is a fantastic product that can boost your skin with more moisture. Emma S. has three different ones to choose from based on different skin types. Opt for the moisturising serum if you’re looking for moisture and hydration but a low percentage of oil. Choose ageless serum if you need lots of hydration, but also functional ingredients that increase lustre, prevent fine lines and fight the signs of ageing. If you have very dry skin, choose sensitive facial oil serum which is based on natural oils that both moisturise and nourish the skin. Use the oil serum before your day or night cream, or why not blend a few drops with your moisturiser to really boost it.

Rehydrate throughout the day
A hydrating facial mist is a great way to freshen up your skin during dry winter days. A splash over your makeup every now and then throughout the day helps your skin to feel rehydrated when you can’t apply a regular moisturiser. My moisturising facial mist with Cucumber and Apple extract is a must on my desk.


Don’t forget your lips
I have lip balms lying around literally everywhere. In my purse, coat pockets, night stand and I apply them every chance I get.  At night, I make sure to apply an extra thick layer before I go to bed. More is more!

omega3-fettsyrorEmmaS-tips-siffror-2-65Eat more healthy fats
Fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 are great for your whole body. Make sure to eat lots of oily fish, avocado and maybe add a daily intake of supplements to make sure you cover your daily dose. It’s pure gold for your skin.

Soft, smooth and beautiful skin all year round

emma-wiklund-body-tips-warm-beach-2To stay soft and smooth your skin needs love and care all year round, especially now during the winter months. This is how I keep my skin summer soft throughout the entire year.

EmmaS-tips-siffror-1Scrub. I use my body scrub and body wash together with a pair of scrub gloves to massage my skin in the shower. Make sure to massage your skin thoroughly to remove dead skin cells, and remember to massage the elbows and knees a bit extra. Try body wash warm beach together with a pair of scrubs gloves to give your body a warm scent of Sandalwood, Figs and soft Coconut.




 with oilWarm beach body oil is a great product which I use in many different ways. I pour a few drops in my bathwater, apply it onto damp skin in the shower or massage it directly onto dry skin after showering or bathing. I also like to mix a few drops into my body lotion for an extra soothing and moisturising effect. The skin
becomes silky soft and gets a perfect after-beach glow.


Prepare your skin for the party season!

A nice and well-prepared base – in other words, smooth, clean and fresh looking skin, is the most important thing for a successful party makeup. It is much easier to apply your makeup on an already beautiful and radiant base. To get that perfect complexion, it might be a good idea to start in time. Maybe even a week ahead.

The same week

Move. Make time for an extra workout. Your circulation will get going, and both you and your skin will feel more fresh and energetic.

Exfoliate. Do a 1-minute enzyme peel to remove dead skin cells and reveal a fresh, new glow.

Go to a professional and get a proper facial.



The day before

Frame. Sculpt your eyebrows into perfect shape. You will immediately get a more polished look.

Do your manicure. It can become stressful to fix them on the same day as the party.





The big day

Boost. Do an oxygen mask to boost your skin with moisture and give it a smoother complexion. Try my oxygen mask for 10 minutes.

Moisturise. Use a moisturiser that fits your skin type and gives plenty of moisture. Do not forget to use a good eye cream for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

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Emma S. Wiklund 2014

How do I use my perfume?

  • Do not spray the perfume onto clothing – the real fragrance best emerges when sprayed onto warm skin.
  • Do not rub the perfume into the skin – this may spoil the composition of the fragrance.
  • Moisturised skin is more receptive to perfume – if you have dry skin it may be difficult to make the scent last.
  • To help a perfume last the whole day – spray a layer of perfume onto moisturised skin. Then apply a little powder/talc on top, or a little more cream. Then spray again. This way the fragrance will come out in small puffs during the day.

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