How to get a natural (fake) tan overnight

Are you dreaming of a natural, golden tan in time for New Year’s Eve? Follow these three steps to get an even bronze overnight:


1. Peel. Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. Use a body scrub for your body and an enzyme peel for the sensitive skin in your face. Be thorough and pay extra attention to your knees and elbows that tend to be dry.
2. Moisturise. Make sure to really saturate your skin, and be careful not to miss any parts. Dry skin tends to soak up more bronzing product which can give you an uneven result.
3. Even out. The secret behind an even result is to take your time and massage the product into your skin. If you’re applying bronzer to your face, remember to fade out the colour around your hair line, brows, neck and ears.

Wash your hands repeatedly when you are done to avoid stains on hands, and don’t forget your cuticles and nails. Wait a few minutes before you get dressed, and make sure to use dark clothes that won’t suffer from discolouration. Magic!

Our favourite products for a natural bronze: Ageless enzyme peel, Body Scrub, Body lotionBare Minerals Faux Tan Face & Body, Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow, Lancôme Flash Bronzer Night Sun