Q&A – Treatment Niacinamide Formula

Everything you want to know about the new Treatment Niacinamide Formula.

About the product



  • Why a percentage of 4% Niacinamide?

    Most studies conducted on the ingredient show that 2–4% is sufficient to give the desired effects. Higher concentrations can in some cases lead to side effects such as redness.

  • Why does it contain Salicylic acid?

    We have added Salicylic acid to increase the product’s ability to even out the skin tone, decrease unwanted hyperpigmentation and smoothen the skin complexion. While Niacinamide regulates the amount of sebum (oil) on the skin surface, Salicylic acid penetrates the pores and dissolves oil and dirt blocking them.

  • Why does it contain Hyaluronic acid?

    We have added Hyaluronic acid to boost it with extra hydration and help maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Niacinamide and other ingredients/products

Independent studies and results

  • How do you know it works?

    In addition to all studies made on each ingredient, we have also chosen to conduct independent studies on our unique formula/product. The studies showed (among other things) a significant reduction in pore size and a significant improvement on the regulation of the skin’s oil production.

  • When can I expect to see results?

    The independent studies conducted show results after 4 weeks.  

  • I have heard you cannot remove pores?

    That is correct. Pores cannot be removed or reduced in numbers. However, you can minimize the visibility of the pores.

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