Independent studies, Calming Serum

Resultat från oberoende studier

Independent studies shows that calming serum after 6 weeks of use significantly reduced facial redness and irritation, strengthened skin barrier and improved hydration level. The study was performed at an independent institute where the test panel used the serum both morning and evening.

Before- och after Calming Serum

Before and after the study, pictures were taken of specific areas on the skin surface where redness occurs.

Test person 1. Red marks indicate redness in the skin.

Test person 1. Red marks indicate redness in the skin.


Emma’s skincare must-haves for autumn

I love autumn. For me, August feels more like a fresh start than the first of January. Sure, summer and holidays are nice, but I actually feel my best when I get back to my normal routines. I like setting my alarm clock and getting up early in the morning, scheduling my workouts at the gym again and getting back to city life. Even my skin feels much better during the autumn and winter months for some strange reason, if it has to do with routines I can’t be sure, but it does get better.

Before work or school starts it can be nice to deeply cleanse your summer skin to get a healthy and fresh start. Get rid of dead skin cells, old tan and really boost your skin with lots of moisture and nourishment. Introducing some new products into your skincare routine such as active retinol at nighttime is a great way to strengthen the skin in preparation for winter. Maybe even booking a facial with a professional to get a little extra help. Here are a few important skincare tips and products that I think are perfect to introduce into your new fall routine. Believe me, you will see the difference after a couple of weeks with the help of these products.

Remove dead skin cells with treatment enzyme peel. 1 minute once a week to get that nice soft texture to the skin. All products sink better into the skin if you first gently remove the dead skin cells.

Apply a deep cleansing and moisturizing clay mask for 5-10 minutes twice a week. Purifying mud mask “vacuums” dirt and impurities from the skin and also gives a nice glow with the help of lightly luminous pigments.

Introduce treatment niacinamide formula every day. I have it as a first step in my morning skincare routine. It gives my skin better elasticity and works to reduce the visibility of enlarged pores. After the niacinamide, I apply my serum, eye cream and day cream.

Heat a few drops of botanical glow oil and pat over face and neck. Magically gives a nice glow and moisture to the skin. You can use the oil by itself or over your day cream and makeup.

In the evening I use my new retinol facial oil as a first step on the skin after cleansing. Maybe every other night at first. It contains Retinoate which is a form of retinol that is also suitable for sensitive skin. Retinol is a fantastic ingredient that accelerates cell renewal and strengthens the skin. I also apply a night cream over the retinol oil, but you can also use the oil by itself if the skin feels soft and moisturized already.

A repairing night mask is also nice to use from time to time. Overnight repair mask contains algae extract that strengthens the skin and other ingredients that provide lots of moisture.

5 quick questions with Emma

Boosters! Tell us, why did you want to develop this series?
– I like products that I can combine with my other skincare to get that extra effect and boost the skin. We are now launching our first two products in the booster family, retinol facial oil and botanical glow oil. This autumn there will be two more coming…

Why have you chosen to develop a retinol product in oil form?
– It is a very light oil that has a very nice feel to it and it also gives you a softening and moisturising effect with the help of oils from Jojoba, Olive and Sunflower. I like to use Retinol products in my evening routine which also makes the oil formula especially great.

You have chosen the ingredient Retinoate 0.3% – why that particular ingredient and amount?
– This is a very modern form of retinol that is non-irritating on the skin but still as effective as other forms of Retinol. An amount of 0.3% gives you a really good result and is also the maximum amount recommended by the EU.

Botanical glow oil contains an ingredient called “prickly pear”, tell us about it!
– It is a fantastic oil that I first encountered when I was in Morocco 2 years ago. There were a lot of products with this oil, and I became curious to know more. We looked into it together with our formulators and found that it was a very exclusive oil extracted from Cactus seeds. It is rich in protective Antioxidants and also has a repairing effect on the skin.

How do you use botanical glow oil?
– I usually use it either alone on the skin if I just want a healthy glow, or after my day cream to encapsulate the moisture. The best way to apply it is to take a few drops in the palm of your hands and warm it up by rubbing your hands together. Then I gently press it over my face and neck. It is also great to apply over makeup for a nice glow. A real beauty booster!


Purifying Mud Mask – launching our newest family member



“Finally, it’s time for us to launch our big spring news exclusively here on – Emma S. purifying mud mask. A clay mask we have been developing for quite some time as we wanted to create a face mask that not only draws dirt and impurities from the pores but also adds moisture and gives lustre. The skin should not feel tight and dry after use, but clean, fresh and soft. We have also added a light reflecting pigment that gives your skin a direct wow effect after use. Simply put, the clay mask 2.0.” – Emma

What is it?

Emma S. purifying mud mask is a deep cleansing face mask that in just ten minutes makes your skin clean, fresh and radiant.

How does purifying mud mask work?

  • Deep cleansing. Kaolin clay and activated Bamboo Charcoal deeply cleanse your skin by drawing out dirt from the pores and absorbing impurities and sebum from the skin surface.
  • Adds and binds moisture. Contains Glycerine and Oat Lipids which soften and moisturise, and Niacinamide (vitamin B3) that strengthens the skin barrier.
  • Calming. Oat lipids and Allantoin soothe the skin by improving its barrier. Have anti-irritating and soothing properties.
  • Radiance. A luminous pigment directly gives your skin a nice glow.
  • Nourishing. Contains a mineral complex with Zink and Magnesium that fight fatigue and stimulate hydration. The ingredients also has nourishing properties.

Who is it suitable for?

Purifying mud mask is suitable for most skin types and all ages.

Especially good for normal, combination or oily skin. The mask contains moisturising, softening and soothing ingredients such as Glycerine, Niacinamide (vitamin B3), Oat lipids and Allantoin which makes it suitable also for you with more dry and sensitive skin. 

How do I use purifying mud mask?

Apply evenly on clean, dry skin. Avoid the eye area. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and gently rinse off with lukewarm water. Recommended use 1-2 times a week if you have normal/oily skin and once a week if you have more dry skin.

How do I combine it with my other Emma S. products?

You can combine purifying mud mask with other Emma S. products. If you were to use all products below, we recommend using them in this order:

Makeup remover / pre-cleanser, facial wash, purifying mud mask, toner, niacinamide formula, serum, eye cream, day cream/night cream/night mask.

Good to know

  • Vegan
  • Recyclable

Emma’s Quick Night Routine

I usually enjoy spending some time on my evening skincare routine with multiple steps and serums, but sometimes you just want the job done and go to bed. This is my go-to routine that makes me ready for bed in just two minutes.

  1. Remove the makeup. Pour 2-in-1 makeup remover on a cotton pad and sweep over face and neck to remove all your foundation, rouge and bronzer.
  2. Melt the rest away. Massage melting cleansing balm over dry face, eyes and neck. Add lukewarm water and the balm melts into a soft, milky cleanser. Massage again and rinse off. Pat face dry with a towel.
  3. Boost. I skip eye cream and serums and go straight for the overnight mask. I like to use quite a lot and massage it into my skin (I use it under the eyes as well). The creamy consistency is easily absorbed, so it doesn’t stick to your pillow. I love how it smooths, firms and repairs my skin, and leaves it looking more luminous in the morning.

Bye bye dry winter skin!

Winter here in Scandinavia can be quite tough for even the healthiest skin. I tend to spend too much time indoors and outside the cold air makes my skin feel like it’s a couple of sizes too small. It can get itchy and irritated and I have realized that I have to change my skincare routine during the cold winter. One thing that’s always important is to keep your skin deeply hydrated and maybe use a little bit more cream than in the summer. A dry skin simply needs more of everything.

Here are some products that keep my winter skin happy:

Melting cleansing balm or Cleansing oil – Make sure to use a cleanser that doesn’t dry out your skin. I love anything oil based that gently removes dirt and makeup without drying out. Massage over face, add water, massage again and rinse off.

Treatment enzyme peel – My bestselling 1-minute enzyme peel with aha- and bha- acids remove all dead skin cells in an instant. Use once a week and get that healthy glow back.

Moisturising intense cream and serum – Two super hydrating products that you can combine as you want. Make sure to use the serum before your day- and night cream for that extra hydration.

Moisturising facial mist – a perfect hydrating mist that keep my skin hydrated during the day. Apply anytime during the day for extra hydration. Works great over your makeup.

Treatment overnight repair mask – I use this deeply hydrating and repairing mask 2-3 times a week during the winter. After cleansing, apply this creamy mask to dry skin and keep it on all night (and no, it doesn’t get sticky). Rinse off in the morning.

”It’s a real thirst quencher for your skin”

The new moisturising series is here! Tell us, why did you decide to redo the series?

– I have always been nerdily interested in skincare and ingredients and I always pay attention to what’s happening in the business. The last few years a lot of new and exciting hydrating ingredients have popped up and that is why we have chosen to redo the moisturising series. The new series has brand new formulas, packaging and textures.

What is new with the series?

– For example, we have loaded the new series with low molecular Hyaluronic acid, a 3-step moisturising system called Trimoist that hydrates both immediately and long-term, more protective Antioxidants and also a sunscreen in the day cream.

What is special with low molecular Hyaluronic acid and Antioxidants?

– Low molecular Hyaluronic acid (which you can find in all four products) works deeper in the skin and binds moisture. The new serum also has two sizes of molecules that bind moisture on two different levels of the skin. Antioxidants are great for protecting the skin against free radicals that come from e.g. pollution, UV-light or emissions.

Who should use the series?

– The series is suitable for all ages and skin types, and of course for both men and women. After all, everybody needs a great moisturiser.

You have also had all the products undergo independent studies at a testing institute. Tell us more.

– For us it is very important to conduct independent studies so that we can measure the effects of the finished products, and not just the ingredients included. We’ve seen some great results where the studies show that you after three weeks of use have strengthened your skin barrier and improved the moisture balance significantly.

How will you use the products this summer?

– The new moisturising series is perfect to use during the summer if I don’t want something active every day (I usually use the ultimates series). We have added a sunscreen in the day cream which is something I have missed… moisturising serum is a real thirst quencher after a day in the sun! I also keep my eye gel in the fridge for an extra cooling and de-puffing effect in the morning.

What is your number one summer tip for healthy skin? 

– That’s a hard one. But I have to say use a day cream with sunscreen. And keep an eye gel on the nightstand to boost the delicate eye area with extra moisture every night. Other than that, my best beauty tip is always to exercise! It gives both me and my skin energy and glow.

Creating new routines

Voluntary quarantine or not – right now many of us are working from home to help reducing the spread of the virus. I find it quite hard to keep up good routines and for me, it really takes some discipline and effort to get things organized. Having two children at home who have distance education doesn’t make it any easier.

Planning your day, preferably including both work, exercise, family and routines, can be a challenge. Just like with my skincare routine, I try to find a good everyday routine even when having to work from my kitchen table.

07:00 – Good morning! If I have the energy, I start the day with 30 minutes of yoga, bringing out the yoga mat and putting on a pair of comfortable tights.

07:30 – Morning skincare routine. I take a quick shower and wash my face with cleansing facial wash. Thereafter I take care of my body with some body lotion and deodorant before continuing with my everyday skincare routine. Right now, I am using niacinamide formula, serum, eye cream and day cream with SPF (I go for the ultimate-series).

And a little bit of makeup… As I have a lot of video meetings I put on a light, natural makeup even though I work from home. This includes a CC cream, concealer, mascara and a cream rouge. Also a little super balm on both lips. Finally a quick blow-dry and a quick-fix hairstyle.

08:00 – Clothes. Wearing sweatpants all day makes me lose focus. Put on something that you feel comfortable in, but that you would also wear at the office. My go-to outfit right now is a pair of comfortable jeans, a blouse or a nice sweater.

8:30 – Finding focus. I try to have a clear agenda and prepared to-do list and like to put my phone in flight mode if I can so that I can work an hour or so without getting interrupted.

12:00 – Go for a walk. I always try to get some air and usually go for a walk around Hagaparken here in Stockholm. Afterwards, my teenagers (who are studying from home) and I eat lunch together.

13:00 – Some work again with digital meetings.

14:30 – Quick stretch. I go and make some coffee, do a quick stretch and spray on some refreshing face mist.

17:30 – “Go home”. It easily happens you never leave work when you are working from home. But try to leave the computer at the same time you usually leave the office. I often go for a walk with my neighbour Eva. Time flies by when I am with her and we talk uninterruptedly about everything. She is a doctor and I, of course, have a thousand questions and she has all the answers.

20:00 – get active /do something. Play cards with the teenagers, clean the closet (again), bake a sponge cake or watch a movie. In my family, we take turns in choosing a film for the night and the latest we watched was Francis Ford Coppola’s classic ”Apocalypse now”

21:00 – night routine. I always use a good cleanser, maybe an extra face mask and then, if I have the time, some polish and shaping of my nails.

Why is it so important to cleanse your skin?

We asked Carolina Öberg, licensed skincare therapist, about why it is so important to have a good cleansing routine.

– A good daily cleansing routine is the foundation for beautiful skin. With daily cleansing, I mean both morning and evening, and preferably in at least three steps in the evening.

But why is it so important to do it? 

– Let’s take a look on what can end up on your face on a daily basis; sunscreen, primer, makeup, dirt, exhaust gases, pollutants, sweat, bacteria… The list can be long. Makeup products today is better than ever and can be tough to remove. All of these things pile up on your face and will eventually build up a layer. This layer does not only clog your pores (which can lead to unflattering blemishes and blackheads), but will also block you skin and make it impossible for all your yummy serums, moisturisers and luxurious face masks to penetrate the skin and work their magic.

– The skin is also a super important part of your immune system where the outer layer has a so called “acid mantle” consisting of fats and lipids with a natural acidic pH-level. This acidic environment works as a great protection against bacteria since the microorganisms don’t like this acidity.

Can’t I just use good old soap and water?

– If you treat your skin poorly and e.g. use a regular hand soap with a high pH-value you will disrupt the skins natural pH-balance. This can both make your skin dry as well as lower the immune protection which can lead to a reactive and sensitive skin.

Why should I cleanse my skin?

So, how should I cleanse my skin for an A+?

– To get perfectly clean skin (and save up on laundry from makeup dirty towels) I always recommend following a three-step routine:

  1. Remove makeup – If you use makeup you should always start with an effective makeup remover. Choose a remover that suits your individual needs and preferences. If you use a lot of eye makeup or waterproof mascara, opt for a fragrance-free eye makeup remover. If you are more of a foundation-, rouge- and bronzer- kind of girl, reach for the 2 in 1 makeup remover and use it together with a cotton pad. If you have sensitive or very dry skin, gently massage melting cleansing balm or cleansing oil directly onto your dry face to dissolve your makeup.
  2. Wash – When you’ve said bye-bye to your makeup, use a face wash to get rid of the last traces of dirt and excess oils. Use a facial wash especially for the face with the right pH-level.
  3. Balance – neutralize the skin’s pH-level with a facial toner to make it ready for your following creams and serums.

– The result you’ll get from having a good skincare routine is not just a fresh and clear complexation, but you will also get the benefits of more glow, less visible dryness wrinkles and better effect of the rest of your skincare routine.

But seriously, how am I supposed to have time for all of this?

– I am myself a mother of two young ones so I know how hard it can be to make time for it all and especially time for myself. First of all, it isn’t as complicated and time consuming as it may sound, and second of all we are all human. The important thing isn’t that you do it perfect, as long as you do something.

Find your cleansing-routine here.