Always on my night stand!

  1. Hand cream. The best trick to remember to use hand cream is to keep it nearby the bed. A thick layer of cream and some extra on the cuticles will take good care of your hands during the night.
  2. Cotton gloves. Cover your well-moisturised hands with cotton gloves during the night. This will lock in the moisture and work as a caring treatment throughout the night. You can find simple cotton gloves at the pharmacy.
  3. A great book. I try to read a couple of pages every night, that is if I don’t fall asleep during the first page… Right now I’m reading “Sthlm Delete” by Jens Lapidus.
  4. Lip balm. During the winter I always apply a thick layer of lip balm right before bed. Right now I use one from Decubal. Perfect for chapped lips!
  5. A big glass of water. Always.

(Night stand from Zara Home).

Don’t forget your makeup brushes

DSC_0203 (2)

If you’re having a hard time maintaining a clear complexion even though you have a good cleansing routine, there may be several hidden reasons as to why. One of them could be your makeup brushes that often hide both bacteria, dirt and excess oil that ends up on your skin. Wash them with regular shampoo and conditioner once a week and they’ll feel like new.


Cotton Seed Oil


We are always looking for safe and effective ingredients with well-documented effects when developing new products. For our sensitive line, we chose to work with several natural oils where Cotton seed oil is one of them. The oil is perfect for sensitive skin, and rich in fatty acid Omega 6 which helps to balance dry skin. Cotton seed oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and is therefore perfect in our sensitive day cream.


My desk heroes


Long days at the office and running between meetings can make the most glamorous look loose it’s shine. Make some space for these desk heroes and you always have a touch-up close by.

  1. A refreshing and moisturising facial mist you can use over your makeup (moisturising facial mist, 15€/150ml)
  2. A hand cream that is easily absorbed into the skin and keeps your hands soft (hand cream SPF15, 15€/60ml)
  3.  A lip balm that also doubles up as a cuticle moisturiser (Rosebud lip balm)
  4. A great hair brush that does not tear on your hair.  (hair brush from Mason Pearson)
  5. A great nail file is a real life saver when your manicure just does not hold up (O.P.I glass nail file)
  6. I always have my signature scent close by (Rue de Varenne EDT, 55€/50ml)