Beauty Philosophy

“Skincare is about so much more than just the cream.”



To me skincare is a very personal thing. I know that no one is perfect.

I have been taught by the best how to take care of my skin and what products to use. With my skincare series I would like to share my own experiences.

For many years I worked as an international model, actress and TV-host. All these jobs required that my skin looked perfect. But my skin did not always look perfect.

When I lived in Paris in the early nineties I went to see a dermatologist to get help to sort through the jungle of available skincare products. She taught me how important it is to have a daily skincare routine, to use products with proven ingredients, and that expensive products not necessarily are the best. I took her advice and it really worked out well with my skin.

When I some years later decided to launch my Emma S. skincare series I knew exactly what kind of products I wanted to develop. Products that resemble the products I found at the French pharmacies but based on new, effective ingredients, and that are professionally tested with proven results. A skincare series that is based on the type of products that I have always used and on what a dermatologist would recommend.

I wanted to develop the products in Sweden so that I personally could be involved in the selection of great ingredients and to ensure the right texture and fragrances. It has also been important to me to choose practical, hygienic, recyclable and “travel friendly” packaging.




Also, I am convinced that the look and feel of our skin depend on a lot of other things than just what type of skincare product we use. Happiness, good food, friends, a good workout and having fun are all important ingredients that I unfortunately cannot sell on a tube, but that are just as important for good skin and radiant looks.

With my skincare products and sharing my philosophy and personal experiences I hope to help women make their skin look even better and to feel even more good looking!


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