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Jun 13, 2021

5 Quick Questions With Emma About Our Booster Oils

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"I like products that I can combine with my other skincare to get that extra effect and boost the skin." - Emma

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Why have you chosen to develop a retinol product in oil form?

– It is a very light oil that has a very nice feel to it and it also gives you a softening and moisturising effect with the help of oils from Jojoba, Olive and Sunflower. I like to use Retinol products in my evening routine which also makes the oil formula especially great.

You have chosen the ingredient Retinoate 0.3% – why that particular ingredient and amount?

– This is a very modern form of retinol that is non-irritating on the skin but still as effective as other forms of Retinol. An amount of 0.3% gives you a really good result and is also the maximum amount recommended by the EU.

Botanical Glow Oil contains an ingredient called “prickly pear”, tell us about it!

– It is a fantastic oil that I first encountered when I was in Morocco 2 years ago. There were a lot of products with this oil, and I became curious to know more. We looked into it together with our formulators and found that it was a very exclusive oil extracted from Cactus seeds. It is rich in protective Antioxidants and also has a repairing effect on the skin.

How do you use Botanical Glow Oil?

– I usually use it either alone on the skin if I just want a healthy glow, or after my day cream to encapsulate the moisture. The best way to apply it is to take a few drops in the palm of your hands and warm it up by rubbing your hands together. Then I gently press it over my face and neck. It is also great to apply over makeup for a nice glow. A real beauty booster!