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Jan 25, 2022

Emma's Big Booster Guide


How are the Emma S. boosters supposed to be used? Can you combine them? And if so, in which order? Down below is a personal guide from Emma where she tells us how she uses them in her skincare routine.

It isn’t always easy knowing how and in which order products should be used when it comes to skincare. Especially with new active ingredients such as Retinol and Vitamin C. When, where and how often should you use our new boosters? In which order and in what part of the routine? Well, it can actually depend on a number of factors…

Let us start off with some important information regarding active ingredients such as Vitamin C and Retinol in skincare products. It is good to know what an appropriate amount of a specific active ingredient you should be using. If you use the Emma S. Vitamin C 10 Booster with a volume of 20% Vitamin C, together with another Vitamin C product with a high volume of Vitamin C, it might just be too much for your skin. The same thing goes with Retinol. We use 0,3% Retinoate in our Retinol Facial Oil, which is a safe and effective volume that is okay to use in combination with other Emma S. products that also contain Retinol (Ageless Serum, Ageless Night Cream, Ultimate Serum, and Ultimate Night Cream). But be cautious, because it might be too many active ingredients if you add on even more retinol products. Therefore, it is important to have some knowledge about active ingredients, just so you don’t accidentally overdo it. 

Another thing that is good to know is that you don’t need to do the exact same skincare routine every morning and night. In other words, it is okay to change it up a bit depending on what your skin needs and how much time you have. Maybe you want to use your Vitamin C10 Booster in the morning while using your Retinol Facial Oil in the evening. Or maybe you feel like you need some extra Vitamin C during a certain period, and you use the Vitamin C 10 Booster in the morning and the evening. The same thing with retinol, it is up to you!

Here is some more information.

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Retinol Facial Oil – a real night-time friend 

Retinol is an ingredient you can use in the morning and in the evening but due to the vitamin A in retinol, that breaks down in the sun, we recommend using our Retinol Facial Oil in the evening. If you use Retinol during the day, make sure to use sunscreen and stay out of the sun. Our Retinol at Emma S. contains 2% Vitamin C therefore you don’t need to combine it with our Vitamin C 10 Booster. Preferably, use the two boosters at different times. 

Our Retinol Facial Oil can be used in the evening as your first step in your skincare routine and may be combined with our Treatment Niacinamide Formula. In this case, apply the Niacinamide gel first, then use the retinol facial oil, and finish it off with your favourite eye cream.  If you also want to use your regular night cream, you can apply it after the retinol oil. The oil has such a lightweight texture and absorbs easily into the skin, which is why it works so well to use the cream after the oil. This routine truly makes your skin feel moisturised and silky smooth. 

One of my favourite combinations after using the Retinol Facial Oil, is to apply a thick layer of our Repairing Overnight Mask. They work amazing together. I can see a visible difference afterwards, which is why I keep this combo going 2-3 times a week. 

Vitamin C 10 Booster – the perfect start of the day 

Our Vitamin C 10 Booster contains 10% Vitamin C which is a very effective and safe amount that refreshes the skin while also working against pigmentations. I use the Vitamin C 10 Booster as a first step in my skincare routine in the morning due to its light formula. I pat it into my skin, especially under my eyes since it helps with dark circles. Just be cautious and don’t get the product in your eyes. I would recommend you use the Vitamin C 10 Booster first if you want to combine it with Niacinamide.

Calming Serum – when your skin needs peace and quiet 

If you have chosen our Calming Serum, it might just be because you have a dry, sensitive, or reactive skin type. If your skin is easily irritated, it might be best only use the Calming Serum out of the booster set and skip the other three. Use it in the morning and the evening together with our Treatment Niacinamide Formula and a suitable skincare series that suits your skin type. 

Botanical Glow Oil - energising and works with everything

This wonderful facial oil that is full of different types of botanical oils is a booster that I use in many ways. Usually, I massage it into my skin as a last step of my morning skincare routine to even out my skin tone before I put my makeup on. You can also use it on its own, just keep in mind that it does not contain any SPF if you plan on being outside in the sun. The oil also works great over makeup if you need some extra glow later in the day. The Botanical Glow Oil can easily be used together with all of the other boosters.

Emma’s Morning Routine With The Boosters 🌞

  • I start by washing my face with Cleansing Facial Wash

  • I pat the Vitamin C 10 Booster all over my face and neck (a little bit extra on the dark spots under my eyes)

  • If I have time, I’ll apply a thin layer of Treatment Niacinamide Formula

  • Then I continue with my normal routine with ultimate serum, day cream and eye cream

  • For some extra glow, I’ll pat the Botanical Glow Oil over my face as the last step (NOTE:

    Botanical Glow Oil also works great over makeup)

  • Makeup


Remember, it is perfectly fine to skip your boosters and do your normal routine without them now and then. Some days you might just not have the time or the energy to complete all the steps. Sometimes, all you need is a day cream and you´re good to go. 

Morning routine without the Boosters

  • I start off by washing my face with Cleansing Facial Wash

  • I apply a thin layer of Treatment Niacinamide Formula

  • The next step is serum, followed by eye cream and a day cream with SPF

  • Makeup

Emma’s Evening Routine With The Boosters 🌙

  • I always make sure to wash my face, regardless of how much makeup I’m wearing. It is important to wash everything off so that your skin is clean and ready to absorb your skincare products

  • Next, I apply Retinol Facial Oil all over my face and neck and then I pat it in under my eyes to prevent wrinkles

  • I then follow up with eye cream, a thick layer of the Repairing Overnight Mask

    and then at last, get some well-needed beauty sleep


Evening routine without the Boosters

  • I cleanse my face, as usual

  • Apply a thin layer of Treatment Niacinamide Formula

  • Then follow up with a serum, eye cream, night cream, and some sleep