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Feb 28, 2022

Emma S. Advent Calendar 2022


The Emma S. Advent Calendar is finally here! Every Friday, until Christmas Eve, we will open a door in our Advent Calendar. Behind each door hides a lovely offer on one of our favorite skincare kits. The offer is only valid for a few days. To make your Christmas Gift shopping easier we will announce (almost) all of the doors in advance. We hope you will love these skincare kits as much as we do! 

Door 1: The Moist Kit

The Moist Kit is for everyone who wants that extra boost of hydration!

63 EUR (value 105 EUR). This offer is available between December 2-4.


A complete skincare kit with moisturising and softening products with ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and protective antioxidants. The Moist Kit is the perfect skincare starter kit and is suitable for all ages.
Includes: Moisturising Facial Mist, Cleansing Micellar Water, Moisturising Intense Cream, Moisturising Serum and Moisturising Eye Gel.

Door 2: The Ageless Kit

The Ageless Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to counteract the first signs of aging.

93 EUR (value 143 EUR). This offer is available between December 9-11.

Lucka 2

An effective skincare series that contains several active ingredients that bind moisture, reduce the visibility of pores and fine lines and prevent pigment changes in the skin. The Ageless Kit is suitable for all skin types.
Includes: Ageless Day Cream SPF 15, Ageless Night Cream, Ageless Serum och Ageless Eye Cream.

Bonus door: The Treatment Kit

The Treatment Kit is for anyone who wants some some extra glow this Christmas!

93 EUR (regular price 133 EUR). The offer is valid December 13th-15th.


This skincare kit contains our complete Treatment series with four effective products that deeply cleanse, exfoliate and repair your skin. The perfect kit for you och someone you know who loves to take extra care of their skin!
Includes: Treatment 2% BHA Toner (NEW!), Repairing Overnight Mask, Treatment Enzyme Peel och Treatment Niacinamide Formula.

Door 3: The Sensitive Kit

The Sensitive Kit is filled with wonderful skincare products for dry and sensitive skin.

64 EUR (value 111 EUR). This offer is available between December 16-18.

Lucka 3

Does your skin need some extra love and care? Then The Sensitive Kit is the right choice! The Sensitive Kit contains a fragrance free day and night cream, a soothing serum and a cooling face mist - specifically developed to soothe and soften dry and sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested.
Includes: Sensitive Day Cream (fragrance free), Sensitive Night Cream (fragrance free), Calming Serum (fragrance free) och Soothing Facial Mist.

Door 4: The Ultimate Kit

The Ultimate Kit is a complete skincare kit developed for more mature skin.

170 EUR (value 260 EUR). This offer is available between December 23-25.


The Ultimate Kit is a complete skincare kit with unique formulations and several bioactive ingredients specifically selected to suit a more mature skin that has started to lose its elasticity. The products repair, strengthen, smooth and boost with moisture, while improving the cell renewal. This kit could be the ultimate gift to a mom or to yourself. 
Includes: Ultimate Day Cream SPF 15, Ultimate Night Cream, Ultimate Serum and Ultimate Eye Cream.